Medicine Woman Awakening,
A Story of Soul Retrieval
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Medicine Woman Awakening, A Story of Soul Retrieval
Medicine Woman Awakening is a memoir that follows the unfolding change in direction of one life's path initiated by an unexpected message from a surprising source and guided by thoughtful awareness of events along the way. As more of her own life essence is returned to her through the shamanic practice of soul retrieval, Laura cultivates the emerging recognition of who she is and what her life more fully lived is to look like.

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Laura Lander, Author

About the Author
With the number of decades lived now exceeding that which can be counted on one hand, Laura Lander finds that life continues to grow more engaging than ever before. After closing her massage therapy practice in Kentucky, she followed her life-long instinct of “belonging” in New England rather than in the Midwest, and made the leap of relocating to Maine.
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